Dss Accepted

Having trouble looking for dss properties? We source have landlords that will accept housing benift tenants all over london.hat will be your tenant for 1-25 years? Our company established in 2002 has assets, full set of company accounts, bank references and references from other landlords. We will guarantee rent will be paid every month on time without fail.


We guarantee property hand back in a similar condition subject to fair wear and tear and if you want to sell it, we will sell it for free with our partner agency. We can offer fully managed solutions or a custom solution whatever you want.

This should be your one stop property investment shop.

Landlord wants you out?
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We can help with finding legal aid solicitors and fight rogue landlord.

We will do all the serving of notices, court paperwork and instruct baliffs for free (courts and baliff costs separate)


As long as you sign us up as a long term tenant on vacant possession.


We will even pursue your old tenant for monies owing for free!


Pay no extra rent


No Deposit


Flexible terms


No Agency fees, no renewal fees, no checking in/out fees


100% rent covered


Help with forms and tenancy


No Gaurentees


No References




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